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Testimonial from a Disabled Veteran

Posted by RosevilleRE on March 15, 2016
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I just received this wonderful testimonial letter from some great clients.  I really love being able to help people out and get great satisfaction from helping people buy homes, especially first time home buyers like these:

Todd Slack was my real estate agent who assisted my wife and I in buying our first home. I am extremely fortunate to have him guide me through all the various issues of buying a home.

I am not the typical home buyer. I am a disabled veteran and a medically retired United States Marine. One of my disabilities is TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. I have difficulty with memory and cognitive issues. This alone caused an increase in anxiety because I did not want to appear “slow” or something to that effect even though I was ignorant to buying a home.

Todd was able to assist me right from the start when we were looking at homes. I have to note that I was living in Southern California while trying to buy a home in Sacramento. This also caused my anxiety and frustration levels to increase.

Todd was extremely patient with me. Todd was able to get me relaxed. I had so many questions and I would often ask him the same questions multiple times because I couldn’t remember what he had told me. Todd was always available and was constantly following up with my answers. I honestly believe most people would get frustrated having me as a client however he had the PATIENCE and the ability to translate some of the legalise type language into the most simplest form of plain English for me. I wouldn’t have been able to understand how the home buying process worked if it wasn’t for him.

We told Todd ahead of time the type of home we were looking for and some specific neighborhoods. He updated us daily on lists of homes. When we finally decided on a weekend to drive up to Sacramento and meet him we looked at about 20 homes. He gave us his personal opinion on the homes and prices. This includes all the questions regarding the home, neighborhoods, etc.

We actually found a home on the first weekend we looked at homes. We wanted one specific home so Todd contacted the listing agent immediately and then gave a offer. The seller counter offered and we accepted after careful deliberation. Todd helped in every manner such as requesting a repair order. He managed to get most of what we wanted done which was more than fair.

Throughout the whole escrow process Todd worked closely with my Home Mortgage Specialist, Frances Gouger who works for Wells Fargo. She is absolutely wonderful also because she had to deal with the same issues that Todd had with me.

The majority of the documents we had to sign were online. Todd was there to walk me through each step and constantly answer questions that I may have just asked sometime earlier. Todd made the home buying experience much less stressful for a person like me. He is an honest person who cares about his clients. Three weeks after I moved in I had to contact him about a warranty that I purchased but couldn’t find the paperwork. He was able to respond the same day with the information I needed.

If you are looking to buy a home I would highly recommend talking with Todd. He is a person of integrity, honesty and has great work ethics. He will go above and beyond to assist you. If you are a person who has disabilities Todd will be a great choice to work with, thats from my own personal experience. If you are a Veteran, Active Duty Service Member, National Guard or in the Reserves I would highly recommend him also because he is familiar with VA loans. I really appreciate all of the hard work Todd has done for me. I am extremely satisfied with his expertise and performance. If you want to have a great home buying experience like I had, give Mr. Todd Slack a call!


Daniel Harrington

SGT, USMC (Retired)

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