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rENTER sCREEN lOGOAs property values continue to drop, homeowners are choosing not to sell. 

They are becoming landlords. 

And we make it easy for them by SCREENING PROSPECTIVE TENANTS

Here’s what we do:  

  1. Run credit check
  2. Check references
  3. Verify income
  4. Verify employment
  5. Verify banking/assetts
  6. Calculates debt ratios
  7. Provide and coordinate rental applications
  8. Answer questions about property
  9. Serve as liason between renter prospects and property owner
  10. Provide weekly status update to property owner

We do this so rental owners DON’T HAVE TO! 

In addition, we may also: 

  1. Create advertisements
  2. Run (post and modify) weekly advertisements
  3. Show property
  4. Provide various marketing tools/options


If you aren’t completely satisfied with our effort, we’ll give you back 100% of your money. 

If you’d like to contact past clients who have used our service, we’ll help you do so. They are happy to share information about this great value!   

Feel free to email or call us with questions. 

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