Who is Todd Slack?

My name is Todd Slack and I am a real estate broker. I help people buy and sell homes. I have facilitated countless number of folks who have an interest in generating income from real estate investing, turning their passion into a solid and profitable business. My biggest reward in this business is when I can help achieve the goal of homeownership for first time buyers, move-up buyers and downsizing seller/buyers. I make a comfortable living at this, while managing to do what I love most, spend time with family and friends, and off course, playing soccer.

One of my biggest professional achievements has been the creation of Prime California Homes and Lending with my business partner Dave Roe, a company that has consistently been profitable for the last 16 years. What makes me proud isn’t the money, however. No, it’s more simple than that… it’s that I have created a business that is valuable to clients, clients who continue to come back and use us as a trusted resource and business ally. I love that!  It feels good to be needed. And, it feels great to offer something of value to those who are important to me while making a contribution to society.


So, if you’re still reading this, you’re probably looking at me. On my right is my wife, Staci. She received her degree in Psychology from Chico State. At the time we met, we working at a care- facility for special-needs children, where she was my boss… not to much has changed since then, come to think of it? Staci and I have two daughters, also in the picture. We had our first child in December of 1997. Her name is Emma. Our second daughter was born in 2002. We named her Kate. We love our girls a lot and find a lot of joy in raising them. The comfortable and flexible lifestyle real estate provides for me and my family, I honestly do enjoy (most of the time) and find fulfilling – which is very important to me.  


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What’s This Blog About?

I think the title of this blog, Naked Truth, is a perfect fit. For over a decade I’ve made my living saying it like it is. Buyers and sellers want honesty. And I’m mindful of that fact. The Naked Truth illustrates my style as a businessman. It’s a perfect representation of what you can expect from this blog.

Over the last ten years, I didn’t talk about myself or my interests on our previous web site. My main focus was on home values and interest rates. I found as time went-on my clients never really got to know me. And the biggest loss is that they never got to know each other. I’ve met some really great people while selling real estate. Many times I would think about how one client would really like another, if only they had the opportunity to meet. Unfortunately,  the chance rarely presented itself. Hence, the blog. This is a forum to share my passions – living in Placer County, my family, sports, people I meet, and of course the real estate industry. Think of this blog as a real estate entrepreneur’s tale while residing in the Valley of Sacramento.

Of course, most topics will revolve around buying and selling real estate and the truth behind the scene of the industry. On occasion, look for stuff about making money in the real estate arena. I don’t profess to be a guru. But, I have had success in this industry. I can offer practical expereience about different markets, financing and ways to make deals happen creatively.

Where’d You Come From?

I’m a guy who’s lived all around the U.S. I spent my childhood years in Alabama, Hawaii, and Sacramento mostly. I did well in school and was considered by most people as a friendly guy (so I was told anyway). After graduating from Roseville High School, I moved to the east coast where I attended N.A.P.S (Naval Academy Prepatory School) and the Coast Guard Academy. I was studying to become an engineer when I realized I wanted to go in a different direction. Therefore, I transferred to Chico State. I spent a few extra semesters at Chico due to my non-transferring Coast Gaurd Academy credits and the fact that I was working-paying my way through college.

In 1995, it came time to graduate and get started with real life. I was hired right out of college by a company called Applied Materials, who make semi-conductor equipment. I stayed with it for a few years, living in the Bay Area. Eventually I grew tired of the traffic and corporate culture and felt a draw to relocate my family in a place I had once called home, a place of which I was always quite fond… Roseville.

In 1998 I took the plunge into self-employment. With my long-time friend Dave Roe, I decided that real estate and finance was the arena for me.  I gravitated towards the idea of selling an area that I love (Sacramento and Placer County) and helping people accomplish a dream. I was excited about the opportunity to earn a living in a profession that would provide me and my wife available time and resources to enjoy our life together while raising our children.

holly drive 002This is a picture of my first house. I depleted my savings in order to buy it($4,650).

When I sold it 4 years later, I made $70,000. My second house was twice the size and became my first rental, which I still own today. By the time I purchased a third, fourth, and fifth property I was a recurring member of The Placer County Masters Cub,  helped countless people find homes and make money in the real estate market.

To contact me, send an email to or call (916)-508-4973

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